OTE Announces Roster Reveal and Expansion for Season 2

Sep 21, 2022
OTE Announces Roster Reveal and Expansion for Season 2

Overtime Elite is set to launch its second season and is taking things to a new level with more talent, new franchises and a new look designed for our fan-first approach. The league has 20 players returning from last season and signed 10 new players to the league to bring 30 players to Atlanta.

OTE recently announced their three new teams are the City Reapers, Cold Hearts and YNG Dreamerz.

Before the draft, three captains for each team were chosen. Ausar Thompson is leading the City Reapers, Tyler Smith for the Cold Hearts and Jazian Gortman for the YNG Dreamerz. Since Ausar was named the Overtime Elite Finals MVP, he was given the first pick in the draft and his first choice was obvious, his twin Amen. Below are the rosters for each team in alphabetical order.

City Reapers

  • Ryan Bewley
  • Tyler Bey
  • Malik Bowman
  • De’Vontes Cobbs
  • Somto Cyril
  • Eli Ellis
  • Jahki Howard
  • Tudor Somacescu
  • Amen Thompson
  • Ausar Thompson

Yng Dreamerz

  • Izan Almansa
  • Kanaan Carlyle
  • TJ Clark
  • Naasir Cunningham
  • Jazian Gortman
  • Jah Jackson
  • Jalen Lewis
  • Alex Sarr
  • Bryson Warren

Cold Hearts

  • Matt Bewley
  • ZZ Clark
  • Bryce Griggs
  • Nathan Missia-Dio
  • Trey Parker
  • Tyler Smith
  • Bryson Tiller
  • Johned Walker
  • Jayden Williams
  • Kok Yat


In addition to rebranding our three teams, we’re expanding our league to include three additional teams - Hillcrest Prep Bruins, Our Savior Lutheran Falcons and Word of God Holy Rams. These teams visited OTE in season one and saw the power and exposure of our league in terms of basketball and personal branding. These new additions to OTE will give the three team’s in Atlanta consistently strong competition throughout the entire season.

Each team will play each other 3-4 times a year, plus playoffs and OTE Championship series. The official schedule will be released Friday.

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