Cold Hearts Active in Trade Market after OTE Preseason

Nov 02, 2022
Cold Hearts Active in Trade Market after OTE Preseason

Overtime Elite finished up its preseason and the trade window officially opened up. The three teams wanted to optimize their rosters with trades as they prepare to start the regular season.

The Cold Hearts were active shipping three of their players elsewhere.

They got the trades started by sending Nathan Missia-Dio to the YNG Dreamerz to for Naasir Cunningham.

Missia-Dio will bring his defensive mindset to the Dreamerz adding already to their length with Alex Sarr and Izan Almansa. Cunningham has the potential to thrive with the Cold Hearts offensively. In their up and down style with Bryce Griggs running the point, him and Trey Parker will get their fair share of highlights.

The Cold Hearts weren’t done after grabbing Cunningham. They shipped Johned Walker and ZZ Clark to the City Reapers for De’Vontes Cobbs.

Walker and Clark will give the City Reapers some extra ball handlers allowing the Thompson’s to utilize their playmaking on and off the ball. Cobbs will fill some of the void defensively Missia-Dio leaves behind while also bringing his energy every time he steps on the floor.

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