Seeds Set for the OTE Playoffs

Feb 13, 2023
Seeds Set for the OTE Playoffs

After last weekend, the seeds are set across the board with matchups set for the first weekend. The five and six seed were decided in the final game between the Bruins and the Falcons. The Bruins won the game 102-89 to get the five seed and chance to play the Cold Hearts in the first round.

  1. City Reapers (14-1)
  2. YNG Dreamerz (11-4)
  3. Word of God Holy Rams (8-7)
  4. Cold Hearts (6-9)
  5. Hillcrest Bruins (3-12)
  6. OSL Falcons (3-12)

The schedule is set for the first round as well as how the rest of the playoffs will look.

Friday, Feb 17

7:00PM - #4 Cold Hearts vs. #5 Hillcrest

9:00PM - #3 Word of God vs. #6 OSL

Saturday, Feb 18

6:00PM - #5 Hillcrest vs. #4 Cold Hearts

8:00PM - #6 OSL vs #3 Word of God

If the series is tied after 2 games, Game three will be one 8-minute quarter played immediately following the conclusion of game 2. The higher seed will be the “Home Team”. Scores/Fouls will reset to 0.

The City Reapers will then play the lowest seed that advances and the YNG Dreamerz will play the highest seed that advances in the semi-finals. The semis will be a true best of three games series. The next round will begin on Tuesday, February 21 with one game at 7 p.m.

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